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How to customize your masterpiece of mosaic..... 

If you want to commission a personalized mosaic artwork, simply select the product you want and share your desired style and color preferences with me. I will then create a draft and send you an offer. My current portfolio includes a variety of products (see gallery) such as


  • Trivets (starting at $ 60.-)

  • Animal portraits (starting at $ 250.-)

  • Boxes (starting at $ 65.-)

  • Address Numbers (starting at $ 125.-)

  • Trays (starting at $ 160.-)

  • Rotating Trays (starting at $ 250.-)

  • Picture Frames (starting at $ 95.-)



Christmas Trees (starting at $ 65.-)

Snowman  ($ 50.-) 


That is also possible if you have a specific object in mind that you would like to decorate with a mosaic.


To get in touch, please email me at


I am excited to hear from you and fulfill your request.


Best regards,



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